Placement Options

Accelon offers a wide variety of workforce options to ensure we meet all your requirements.  This flexibility helps our clients resolve workload seasonality, reduce overtime, ease employee workload, take on specialized skills for projects and assess prospective employees.

Contract Resources: Drive productivity and efficiency while retaining flexibility. We draw from an extensive database of candidates that can fit seamlessly within your team.  You will benefit from the flexibility in adjusting labor requirements to meet urgent requirements.

Contract to Hire: This option allows you to staff critical positions through a trial period to evaluate employee skills and overall fit with no cost conversion from contract. This is an excellent option for those hard to fill positions where there is low availability of qualified candidates.

Permanent Placements: Finding qualified talent to fill permanent positions is a complicated and time-consuming process. This option connects our clients to professionals with the right skills and experience at every level. Our ability to recruiting active and passive candidates ensures short cycle times and a fast ROI for our clients.

To be considered for an opportunity with ACCELON services please contact us