Accelon offers solutions to simplify the talent acquisition process for contingent workers and independent contractors, relieving clients of administrative burden and potential co-employment and worker misclassification risks while protecting  your employment brand and keeping your talent engaged and happy.


We offer customized processes that integrate with your existing workforce solution to save you time, money, and mitigate risk. Accelon’s Professional Payrolling, Employer of Record (EOR) service provides support and benefits to your direct sourced or pre-identified contingent workers while ensuring they keep productive and happy and deliver to your requirements. We protect you from employer compliance risks and liabilities and provide a seamless experience to candidates mimicking your employment practices and structure.

Our varied solutions are geared to meet your needs, including payroll services on a cost plus markup basis which factor in the varying federal and state tax caps and result in a lower overall cost for our clients.  We charge the actual costs legally required for acting as an employer, plus our overhead and a predetermined margin.

Our services ensure you can continue to attract, engage, re-engage and retain high quality workers while we manage the entire frontend and backend including, pre-employment screening, onboarding payroll, health benefits, retirement plan, and time and expense reporting. We provide full visibility and control of your contingent spend while managing the onboarding, qualification, classification, compliance, background checks, insurance and certification verification process.

EOR Payrolling Benefits

  • Co-employment risk mitigation
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Efficient onboarding and offboarding
  • Cost savings
  • Federal and State tax administration and W2 issuance
  • Contractor retention
  • Benefit tier geared to client structure
  • Transparent compensation payroll  costs

Benefits offered to Employees

  • Medical Plan
  • Dental Plan
  • Vision benefit
  • Voluntary life insurance
  • Accident and critical illness benefit
  • 401(k)


Companies that engage Independent contractors can be subject to audits by both the state and federal government. It is thus essential you classify them correctly.  We provide IC vetting services to ensure proper classification. It’s not simple, changes over time and requires a clear, consistent process that is aligned with your policies and procedures. We help protect you from employer compliance risks and liabilities that can be a part of engaging with independent talent.

Accelon offers Agent-of-Record (AOR) engagement solutions that allow you to safely administer and pay your qualified independent contractors.  We engage your qualified ICs, ensure ongoing compliance, handle invoices, payments and reporting requirements and issue year-end 1099’s. As part of our offerings, we will collect the necessary documentation from IC’s and assist with business verification.

IC verification Benefits

  • Evaluate ICs /projects prior to engagement to ensure independenc
  • Produce high IC pass rates within Federal guidelines
  • Risk mitigation for IC complianc
  • Establish paper-trail of audit defense files and audit support
  • Mitigate risk and indemnification against worker misclassification
  • Extensive collaboration with our clients, to mature IC programs
  • Offer EOR services for those workers or projects that simply cannot qualify as ICs,

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